10 Things to Fall in Love With at Lake Como According to Laura

We keep proudly underlining that at Lakeside Real Estate we are all locals: we are all born on the western coast of Lake Como. As a result, we know our lake like a book.

We like saying that the water of the lake runs through our veins. That’s why we decided to give you a portrait of “our” lake through our tips, memories, and confessions: we do hope this will let you fall in love once again with new, unexpected sides of the paradise we live in.

After Sara and Elisa’s interviews, today we continue our tit for tat with another member of our team, Laura, our Marketing & Business Developer. Continue reading if you’re curious to learn something new about Lake Como!

What’s your favorite village of the lake?

I have several hamlets I am literally in love with, but if I had to choose, I’d say Brienno is at the top of the list. The historical center is a labyrinth (there’s even a little street called “Via Labirinto”!) of super narrow and dark alleys, and the only way not to get lost is to follow the sound of the waves, that will lead you to the lake. It’s really a magical place. It reminds me of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter!

Your number 1 restaurant or club?

I’m a fan of Vecchia Torre pub in Griante, in Via Brentano 10. It’s very dark inside, with candles and long rustic wooden tables. The medieval vibe you can feel here is really suggestive. The other reason why I love is… well, because my father renovated it some years ago! You can see his stone works inside. I like to see his unmistakable touch!

The charming rustic facade of Vecchia Torre pub in Griante

The charming rustic facade of Vecchia Torre pub in Griante

What about your I-can’t-live-without special dish of the lake?

When I spend more than two weeks without eating a slice of Braschino, I start missing it terribly: it’s likely I have an addiction! Braschino is a very humble dessert, somehow an “enriched” sweet bread. I love having it with some drops of chestnut honey. Braschino in my family has always been the must-have sweet on our Sunday table.

Is there a season at Lake Como you particularly love?

Fall is my number one season on the lake. All gets golden and coppery; even the water looks like an expanse of gold. I feel somehow safe and protected by the special light that one can see in autumn here at Lake Como.

A song you link to Lake Como?

Who knows me will (rightly) think I’m terribly repetitive, but I keep saying that the perfect soundtrack of “my” lake is Chopin’s Nocturnes, Op. n° 9. Our lake is just pure poetry and I do think this delicate song embodies perfectly its soul.

3 places/things to do you absolutely recommend?

I would say for sure Castello di Vezio in Varenna, because from its tower the view on the Y shape of the lake is just unique; I then recommend an excursion to Rifugio Venini in Valle Intelvi, a stunning peak from where you can see Lake Como and Lake Lugano, Valchiavenna mountains, Monte Disgrazia in Valmasino, Legnone and Legnoncino, Grigna, Corni di Canzo, San Primo, Sasso Gordona and Monte Generoso; and lastly, I’d say Piona Abbey, an oasis of peace on the eastern shore that welcomes the visitor with a clear, humble request: “Silentium”.

Your “place of the heart”?

The flight of stone steps leading down to the lake in Nesso, near its iconic romanesque bridge. It’s a timeless and melancholic place where I feel my true self so incredibly part of the soul of my lake.

the best villa of the lake?

I particularly like Villa Balbianello because it’s the only villa where you see the lake from every single windows. It’s really one of a kind.

What’s your favorite local event?

I’m a fan of Palio dei Falò in Lezzeno, which is held every year in March. Interestingly, Lezzeno is a village that in the past has been considered full of witches, and that’s why it has always had a special charme on me. Seeing all the bonfires shining near the water is really emotional. It’s a good way to say bye to the winter, making some good resolutions for the new incoming season.

An adjective, a scent or a sound that for you best represent Lake Como?

As far as the adjective is concerned, I’d say “sensitive”, because I keep believing that only the most sensitive souls can properly “feel” the real identity of our lake. The scent of Lake Como for me is the one of fish and water you can smell especially in the dampest days, near the shore: it’s pungent and delicate at a time. I like to think it’s the gentle breath of our lake.


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