The Best of Lake Como in 10 Points: Sara Talking About “Her” Lake

Traveling around Lake Como is not just about seeing the sights, taking pictures of Bellagio and having a cocktail in a waterfront club. There’s also another lake, the one you can glimpse in the eyes of those who are born here, like us.

Here at Lakeside we all grown up on the western coast of the lake, and we like to say that somehow we have the water of the lake running into our veins.

We have prepared for you this tit for tat where each member of our team - Sara, Elisa, and Laura - tells about “her own lake”.

We do hope our tips we’ll help you in getting the most of your holiday on Lake Como, diving into its real identity.

Curious to know more about some suggestions from Sara, Lakeside Founder & Managing Director? Continue reading, then!

Sara’s “place of the heart” on Lake Como: the old hamlet of Rezzonico (San Siro)

Sara’s “place of the heart” on Lake Como: the old hamlet of Rezzonico (San Siro)

What’s your favorite village of the lake?

For sure the old hamlet of Rezzonico. This little gem, situated on a cliff and surrounded by the medieval castle walls, is a timeless fisherman village, with charming stone staircases that bring you down to the lake shore. Period buildings, colorful windows and wrought-iron gates; and the sound of the little river and the lake waves throughout. The vibe you can feel is like taking a step back in time. And for a Golden Age disorder's person like me, this is a paradise: it is so easy to close the eyes and imagine how simple yet busy was the life in this tiny village in the bygone era. Walking through the old porticos, I can still imagine the fishermen laughing and working with their nets, drinking a glass of wine and enjoy their humble life. This is the place I decided to live: in 2018 I bought my home right here.

Your number 1 restaurant or club?

Locanda La Tirlindana in Sala Comacina, right in front of the island. It’s an elegant yet relaxed place, ideal in the summer nights. They cook the best Lemon Ravioli ever. You have to walk into the old historical centre of Sala Comacina to find that place: once you are there, your heart unfolds to the true local beauty of Lake Como! Another place that is a must for me is Cantina Follie in Tremezzo: another hidden gem, not really easy to find. Aperitivo at its best: fresh local products (Km 0) and a delightful huge selection of wines. A place to mark on your agenda for the weekends!

What about your I-can’t-live-without special dish of the lake?

My favorite dish ever is Polenta Uncia: a mix of mais flour and water, on which is added a lot (a loooot) of local cheese, butter and a bit of garlic. Polenta for me means family time: it reminds me every Sunday I spent with my family. You can’t imagine how happy I was waking up smelling Polenta twisting slowly in its pot! Try it with Missoltini and a glass of Sforzato, a red wine from Valtellina.

Is there a season at Lake Como you particularly love?

Winter time and fall: I like to describe myself as a lonely soul, very introspective. In winter, the naturalness of the grey tones matches perfectly - in such a melancholic way - with the surrounding period villas and properties with their pastel colors. In autumn, you feel grateful walking in the middle of a path, playing in kick the leaves and little chestnuts' shells. Oh yes: chestnuts! Another reason why I love fall. 

let’s talk about songs: is there a special one you’ve always linked to Lake Como?

Listen to Divenire By Ludovico Einaudi and tell me if I’m wrong: that’s the perfect soundtrack for our lake. Sweet and bitter at a time, as our lake is.

3 places/things to do at Lake Como you absolutely recommend?

First, I recommend a trip to Monte Legnone (2609 mt), staying for the night at "Rifugio Griera”: this is really the best shelter I ever found up in the mountains. So cozy and family friendly. Serena, who runs the business (she was an engineer, and she left the work to manage the shelter) is an amazing Chef: you tell her what you would like to eat and she will prepare the best dishes of your life with very simple, fresh and natural product (flowers, honey etc..). Second place, I’d say Loppia in Bellagio, a few minutes from the center. In this tiny village all the buildings have never been touched: the feeling, again, is to be 500 years behind! You can see the original Comballo boat that was used in the past on Lake Como to transport heavy stuff and food everywhere. The restaurant "Alle Darsene di Loppia" is highly recommended! Last thing to do: going to Schignano Carnival. This is definitely a carnival you’ll hardly forget, for its such ancestral and primitive identity (i.e. costumes made with rags, cows’ bells etc.): leave your shyness at home and let yourself be swept away by the gentle madness of this carnival’s characters.

Your “place of the heart”?

If you are facing Bellagio from Tremezzo, you will spot an intriguing blue chapel into Villa Melzi waterfront gardens. That little place is something magical. The first time I went there I was a child and I literally felt like a princess.

a must-visit villa?

I’ve always been a fan of Villa Carlotta: the botanical gardens are stunning, and the smell between the paths is something incredible. Best time to visit is May, when all flowers magically bloom in an unforgettable explosion of colors. The villa inside is also something unique: frescoes, original details, the old elegant furniture… nothing else to add! Enjoy this unforgettable beauty!

Villa Carlotta

Villa Carlotta

What’s your favorite local event?

LacMus, the number one International Festival of classical music of Lake Como. Their events are incredibly emotional, because the combination of music with the natural beauty of our lake is very moving. Attend one of their events on the lake shore and you’ll understand what I mean!

An adjective, a scent or a sound that for you best represent Lake Como?

A scent? Jasmin flowers, coffee and lake water smell. A triple mix that, you’ll see, will be deeply lodged in your memory if you decide to live here.

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