Step Inside Our Argegno Office and Peek Into Its Style!

Cosy: adjective.
Giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.
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It’s almost impossible not to find us in Argegno, on the western shore of the lake: we are right in the center of the main (and only) square fo the village.

A square that in our view is the most vibrant of the whole western branch of Lake Como: the colorful townhouses create a quaint amphitheater that surrounds a wide selection of restaurants, cafè, patisserie. In summertime this little piazza enlivens with tons of people around for the happy hour. Live music, smiling people with a cocktail in their hands, and a lively vibe throughout: definitely not a bad scenario to work in! 

Compared to our headquarter in Menaggio, our Argegno seat is… well, it’s adorably tiny.

We are pretty much used to see people stopping right in front our office, and peeking inside. Someone, believe it or not, even takes pictures


The thing is that our office is nothing less than an old cellar completely restored. The first thing you see entering is indeed a spectacular vaulted ceiling with original stone at sight, that generates a wow-effect. The vault is exactly what people are used to take picture of! We are always pleasantly surprised to see how the stone can become protagonist in a room.

The stunning vaulted ceiling of our Argegno office, in Piazza Roma 4

The stunning vaulted ceiling of our Argegno office, in Piazza Roma 4

Cozy, characterful, and welcoming: that’s how our Argegno office has been most often described in our clients’ words.

Trying to define its interior style, we’d say it’s a mix & match of modern rustic whit a few, very light shabby touches.

Our vintage clock

Our vintage clock

As you know, rustic interiors have a strong sense of connection to the past. And that’s exactly the case our office, being an old cellar, elegantly brought again to life in a new, unexpected guise. 

The color palette we have chosen ranges from white to light grey, perfectly blending with the authentic beauty of the original stone.

We opted for a wide rustic table of solid wood (fir) as main desk, pairing it with minimal light grey chairs. 

All the other wooden furnitures are painted in white; the hardwood floor is whitewashed too. In line with our love for all that is vintage, we deliberately choose to nail down the wooden planks like masons used to in the past: Sara’s father and Luciano, our Engineer, personally made the work together. The planks adorably creak at every step: that’s exactly the rétro effect we wanted!

argegno piazza roma 4

The handmade cotto lombardo tiles of the entrance and of some of the shelves is in excellent conditions. Its sophisticated grains are all visible! As you might know, the intensity of the grains depends on the amount of minerals. The cotto is part of our construction tradition and still retains all the charm of the three elements that compose it: clay, water and fire.

The cotto lombardo of the entrance hall

The cotto lombardo of the entrance hall

We also have a few decorative elements like the hook made of old spoons, the stepladder with all our promotional materials on each step, the vintage Kensington Station clock, and the long industrial mirror. 

Our hook made of vintage spoons

Our hook made of vintage spoons

Like in our Menaggio office, when it comes to paintings we favor local artists. While in Menaggio we hung an impressive work by Ester Negretti, a well-known painter from Como, in Argegno we have an artwork by Stefano Perini, a young painter from San Siro. It represents Bellagio in its most suggestive face: during a storm.

A painting by Stefano Perini (Cheville)

A painting by Stefano Perini (Cheville)

Another interesting artwork we host in our Argegno office is the masonry miniature of the iconic bell tower of Santa Maria Maddalena church in Ossuccio (Tremezzina), made by Sara and Laura’s father Alberto Zanotta. It’s made of 1.160 little tiny bricks and stones, for a total weight of 12 kg!

campanile di Ossuccio miniatura lakeside real estate lago di como

Like in our Menaggio seat, we rigorously respected many Feng Shui key principles: the main workstation has a stable wall behind, to increase productivity; the table has a squared size, to raise the sense of rooting, and it’s almost empty, to enable the free development of new ideas; we enriched the layout with Areca Palmata, a plant that is perfect for purifying the air producing a good quantity of oxygen and humidity, this way fighting against electrosmog.

The warmth of natural materials and their pleasant simplicity promotes a great sense of harmony and comfort: the ideal vibe for every office, we think.

Curious enough to visit our office in person?

Just drop by to say hi! We are in Piazza Roma 4 and we’re open every day from Monday to Saturday from 10 to 19.

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