5 Tips Every Tenant Should Bear In Mind

Looking for a rental property can be exciting and stressful at the same time: there are many aspects to get matching.

Our aim at Lakeside is to make the process as quick as we can, to help get you moving as soon as possible and in the smoothest way.

Have a look a these five tips to make life as a renter easier!

#1 Keep clear in mind your top requirements

Image via  Freepik

Image via Freepik

When you visit a property, don’t be too hasty before confirming your application: take your time to look carefully to every single room and furniture (especially thinking about how much stuff you own), to be 100% sure you like and it matches with your requirements. Also, be clear on what is a "must have" and what a "wish list” for you. Ask all the possible questions that come into your mind, in order not to have “surprises” later: ask about neighbors, redecoration, nearby parkings, and even how the neighborhood is like at night. Everything will be clearly written in the contract, but it’s good to talk in person about these topics. It's crucial you do your best to get all your queries answered, no matter how obvious or irrelevant they may seem.

#2 Your rental history matters!

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Beware of your credit report! It’s one of the most important things a prospective Landlord will look at. Landlords are more inclined to trust someone who has always consistently paid one’s own rent on time and fulfilled the terms of a lease(s). Furthermore, for landlords your future home often has a high sentimental value to them. That’s why a tenant reference can tell them a little bit more about you as the person who will rent their property. Typically, the checks include a credit search, bank account validation, confirmation of employment and, if applicable, a reference from your previous landlord.

#3 if you have a Pet, say it in advance

Image via Pexels

Image via Pexels

If you have a dog or a cat, remember they can be a liability when it comes to apply for your next rental: pets can damage the property, and they can disturb your neighbors. We know not all animals behave the same, so the best choice is to let the landlord meet your pet, so that he can make a personal assessment of your four-legged friend’s behavior.

Remember to keep your rental property clean, even more if you have pets! If your landlord comes in and sees your unit in a good, clean, scent-free condition, he’ll trust you more.

#4 Be on time with monthly rental fee

Image via  Freepik

Image via Freepik

Your Landlord will appreciate that. Before you move into a rented home, it’s essential you calculate your monthly budget (as well as your outgoings) to work out whether you can afford it or not. Paying the rent on time – as well as covering other household bills – is essential for maintaining a good relationship with your landlord! You might even score a few brownie points if you pay a few days early.

#5 Talk to your Landlord with transparency

This is the simplest tip ever. Keep the communication open: if there's a problem, talk it over!

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