Everything You Need to Know About the Italian Tax Code

italian tax code

You’ve probably heard this word many times: Codice Fiscale (Italian Tax Code).

Once you found the property you want to buy, and after your offer has been accepted by the owner, the first thing you need to proceed in your buying journey is the the Italian Tax Code

At Lakeside we personally manage the process of its application for you, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. 

But let’s dive a bit further about the Tax Code to understand what you’ll need it for, and how to get it!

What is a Codice Fiscale

The Codice Fiscale is a code made of 16 alphanumeric characters, which is assigned to all Italians at birth. Anyone who comes to live (either permanently with a primary home or temporarily with a second home) and work in Italy will need an Italian tax code.

Codice Fiscale is similar to a Social Security Number card in the US, or National Insurance Number in the UK.

The tax code is generated combining the following codes:

  • Surname (3 letters)

  • Name (3 letters)

  • Birth year (2 digits, i.e. the last 2 numbers of your year)

  • Month of birth (1 letter; A = January, B, C, D, E, H, L, M, P, R, S, T = December)

  • Date of birth and gender (5 alphanumeric characters)

  • Municipality of birth (4 characters)

  • Final control number (generated by a special algorithm based on all the values above).

An example of Tax Code

An example of Tax Code

When it’s required  

An Italian Codice Fiscale is pretty much essential for several things in Italy, including:

  • Purchasing or renting a property

  • Opening a bank account

  • Settling up utilities

  • Getting a residency permit

  • Getting the Italian Health Card (Tessera Sanitaria). Consider that this card was introduced in 2003 with the aim of obtaining greater control over the costs incurred by the National Health Service.

  • Buying a car

  • Starting a business

  • Buying a mobile phone

  • Signing an employment contract of any kind

  • Signing a contract with an insurance company

How to apply 

As said, at Lakeside we take care of the process of requiring the Tax Code on your behalf. 

It’s very easy and there’s no need for you to be in Italy: we go to the Revenue Agency Office with your data.

The application is free of charge and normally the Tax Code is issued immediately

Here’s an example of the completed form that must be delivered to the Revenue Agency: don’t worry, we fill in it!

tax code

As you can see, what we need to provide the Agency with is your name, surname, residency address, as well as the copy of your personal documents.

If you are an EU citizen or come from a country from which a visa is not required in Italy, we’ll just need your valid passport to apply for the Tax Code.

Conversely, if you need a visa to visit/stay in Italy, you will need a visa also to apply for an Italian Tax Code.

Are you thinking about buying a property in Italy and you’d like to know more about the buying journey?

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