6 Special Public Beaches of Lake Como We Recommend

The spectacular beach of Lierna, on the Lecco branch. Image by  Valerio Carletto

The spectacular beach of Lierna, on the Lecco branch. Image by Valerio Carletto

Hear ye, here ye: at Lake Como we have 170 km of coast. Yes, you got that right: 170 km. Quite a lot, isn’t it?

This basically means that during your vacation you have a super wide choice of beaches to choose among, either free or with entrance fee.

In this post we have selected for you 6 public beaches between the Como and the Lecco branches, very different in terms of location and typology, but all united by a common fact: here you can relax and have a swim without paying just anything.

Ready to take notes?

#1 Rezzonico: a windy oasis near a 14th century castle

This is quite an unspoilt gem, as it’s hidden behind the huge walls of the Castle of Rezzonico, a fortified hamlet in San Siro (Como branch): this means it’s not particularly crowded. That’s why it’s one of our favorite spots!

The beach, called Foppa (meaning “ditch”), is made of white little stones; the water is surprisingly clear.

The location is remarkably windy: we like to say that this is a safe nest to hide when you need just to unwind and breath slowly.

Bear in mind that the beach is not equipped, so make sure to bring all your stuff with you!

Directions - From the center of Rezzonico, left of the castle there’s a sign for the beach: here you walk for 3 minutes through a beautiful path (very simple, ideal also for children and elders) that winds down gently through flower gardens.

Via Foppa, 22010 Santa Maria Rezzonico (CO)

#2 Lierna: the whitest beach

Lierna beach, on the Lecco branch, is also called Riva Bianca thanks to the white stones that compose the shoreline.

Interestingly, this beach is set in a natural, romantic amphitheater created by the iconic Castello di Lierna in the northern side of the village.

Like the one in Rezzonico, the Riva Bianca is not equipped but in summer there’s a little kiosk providing fresh drinks and ice-creams.

Someone says this beach, thanks to its peculiar position and the proximity to the castle, is the most picturesque of Lake Como.

Directions: along the old lakeside road, arriving in Lierna you find a parking area along Via Roma. From here, walking on via Castello, you’ll reach Riva Bianca in few minutes.

Via Riva Bianca 8, 23827 Lierna (LC)

#3 Gravedona beach and its romantic promenade

Serenella beach in Gravedona is very charming, with its white tongue of stones literally jumping into the middle of the lake. ,

Gravedona beach

Gravedona beach

It’s expansive and ideal if you are a large family or if you have a dog. Also, if you are keen on diving, consider that the depth of waters in this area facilitates this kind of sport.

As like the rest of the central lake, this beach can be subjected to an intense wind; which is not bad at all in July with 30° C, at a closer look.

The most interesting thing of this location is that if you get tired of sunbathing, you can just walk along the delightful lakeside pedestrian promenade that links the beach of Gravedona to the village of Dongo: it’s considered one of the best boardwalks of Lake Como.

A convenient cycle lane is part of the path.

Directions: Viale Scuri, 11, 22015 Gravedona CO

#4 Laghetto di Piona: a cool bay with crystalline water

The beach in Piona, on the Lecco branch, is somehow unique, as it faces a lake in a lake: the so called Laghetto di Piona. We love the way the Olgiasca promontory jealously protects it!

The beach, that is far less crowded than the wide beaches in Colico, is expansive and sandy; it has a kiosk and a wide parking space.

The jewel of Piona Abbey, a Circercense Abbey dating back to 1138, is a few steps away, reachable with a path that runs all along the beach.

Directions: you can reach it at the end of via Laghetto, near the station.

Via Laghetto, 38, 23823 Colico Piano LC

#5 Onno: into the wild

If you are a fan of wild beaches, the one of Onno, on the Lecco branch, must absolutely be on your to-visit list.

Onno means isolation: the beach, indeed, is not visible from the main road.

The beach, that mainly consists of stones and pebbles, is developed in length, but it’s not particularly wide. There isn’t the possibility to have sunbeds or kiosks: this beach asks you to live it exactly as it is.

In summertime we recommend you to come early in the morning, as it gets quite crowded and as it enjoys the sun only in the morning.

Directions: Reachable from Lecco along the road that leads to Bellagio.

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 55, Onno


This is not a beach, but it’s for sure one of the most suggestive spots where you can have a memorable swim in the lake.

We are talking about a spectacular promontory (picco) where you can easily dive from; you can reach it exclusively by boat, that’s why it’s such an exclusive and quite secret place!

Pescallo is a tiny fishermen village on the south-eastern shore of Bellagio.

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