Visiting a Winery At Lake Como: Wine Not?

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If you are a wine lover, you’ll probably know that in Italy the label “IGT” (Indicazione Geografica Tipica, literally Typical Geographical Indication) is a guarantee of the quality of the wine.

All IGT wines are fine (if not the finest) quality table wines.

Before being marked IGT, a wine is scrupulously checked and must have some features that are established and moderated by specific laws and regulations concerning the enology industry. 

The IGT label must declare first of all the region in which the wine is produced; second, the color of the product; third, which grape varieties have been used. 

You’ll be happy to know that at Lake Como, since 2008, we have our IGT: Terre Lariane.

Born in 2009, after having obtained the IGT brand, the Terre Lariane Consortium brings together 19 wine producers from the province of Lecco (the Brianza area around Montevecchia) and Como (around the area of Domaso): La Costa, Sorsasso, Terrazze di Montevecchia, Cantine Angelinetta, Cascina Bellesina, Maggioni Francesco, Tre Noci, Sala Agricoltura, Santa Croce, Tenuta Montecchio, Vigne Casati, Il Ceresè, Viticoltura Cardinal Federigo, Rossi Simone, Limonta Lorenzo, San Genesio, Azienda Agricola Festorazzi, Azienda Agricola Concordia, Azienda Agricola Vertemati, Azienda Agricola Runch.

Focusing on the western branch of Lake Como, where we are based, we like to drive your attention to two charming wineries you can visit: Azienda Agricola Sorsasso and Cantine Angelinetta, both based in Domaso, northern Lake Como.

The area above the village of Domaso is very particular: it’s set in a crossroads of valleys and it’s often hit by thunderstorms; the southern exposure, however, benefits from the Breva, that - being a thermal wind - dries the air and enables the grapes to be super healthy and of high quality. 

In Domaso you can see the vineyards clinging over the typical terraces aka ronchi, i.e. the classic solution implemented on our lake to make the steep hills arable. The vineyards are bordered by dry-stone walls (the result of centuries-old labors!) and they rise from the lake shore to the beginning of the chestnut groves, i.e. to an approximate altitude of 300 -400 meters on the sea.

The particular structure of the terraced lands requires a processing that is totally manual: that’s why we like to say that producing wine is like a mission.

Emanuele from  Cantine Angelinetta

Emanuele from Cantine Angelinetta

Azienda Agricola Sorsasso

Sorsasso produces 30.000 bottles a year from four labels: Domasino bianco (sauvignon / verdese / trebbiano), Domasino rosato (sangiovese), Domasino rosso (merlot / sangiovese) and Metodo Classico Solus Dosaggio Zero (sangiovese).

Lakeside’s favorite Domasino is undoubtedly the red one, with its hints of cherry and its aftertaste of white pepper. You can match it with Missultin and polenta!

The company is based in via Gaggio 1 bis, Domaso (CO). 

To book a wine tasting, a lunch/dinner or to visit the vineyards, call the (+39) 0344 91002 or write here.

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Cantine Angelinetta

The one of Cantine Angelinetta is a story of a dream

The company was founded in 2008 by a young couple, Emanuele and Eleonora,  when they decided to transform what until then had been a family production inherited from the past, into a small professional enological reality. 

Emanuele & Eleonora, founders of Cantine Angelinetta

The winery and the sales area with tasting are located inside the stunning villa of Professor Leo Miglio (son of Professor Gianfranco Miglio, famous political scientist and pioneer of professional oenology at Lake Como), surrounded by an incredibly suggestive landscape.

wineries lake como cantine Angelinetta

The company produces between 15.000 and 20.000 bottles per year, in 5 niche labels: two reds (Ca’ del Mot and Pietrerose), 2 whites (Le Calderine and La Moglie del Re) and 1 rosé (Roselario). 

cantina angelinetta

Our favorite wine? Roselario. We tried it with some ravioli with Missultin filling: delicious! Also, we literally fall in love with the illustration of its label: a man opening a windows from which a handful of stars enters. Just lovely.

You can find Cantine Angelinetta in Via Pozzolo 16, Domaso (CO).

To book a wine tasting or to visit the vineyards, call the +39 328 5742357 / +39 0344 490095 or write here

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